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In business in Augusta, GA or anywhere else, efficiency is profit! The more efficient the operation, the more productivity enjoyed while using fewer resources. To be efficient requires managing your assets wisely. When we promote a new leader or manager, we always hope they will manage people, budgets and responsibilities well. We hope they will be the kind of manager that uses good judgement, is frugal, is reasonable and protects the company’s best interest. Unfortunately most managers, especially newly promoted managers, cannot be that manager! Often their background looks a lot better on paper than it does in the physical world. If only the paper mattered! This is why businesses in Augusta, GA need management training to guarantee their success!



management trainingManagers are often promoted out of necessity. We have a business need and we need someone to oversee the productivity. What we often do not have is a lot of time to find a great manager or develop a great manager. The result is we often end up with a manager that does not have the necessary skills to effectively plan, organize, control, and motivate. Often in these situations, these untrained managers are given productivity demands they do not have the skills to produce so they use bully tactics or manipulation to try to meet their required goals. And very often this has the opposite effect and actually reduces and hurts productivity! It creates turn over, absenteeism, conflict and apathy. Now the stage is set to go from this normal operating scenario in most companies to providing the right management training and increase profit, morale, and productivity exponentially!




What is “The Right Management Training”?

The right management training is management training that provides organization, controlling, and  planning skills. However, all of these management skills are influencing skills! This is the part that most management training omits. Managers learn to manage so that their charges want to do their work and do it well. It’s not about telling people what to do. It’s about the skills that ensure everyone can do their required work and influences them so they want to do it. An efficient manager does not create conflict. He or she manages in a manner that actually removes conflict so everyone can focus on the goals, not the behaviors of their boss or peers.


best management training augusta georgiaThese are also skills that teach the manager to be able to quickly assess each individual’s training and development needs and the know how to effectively provide for those needs. The manager learns how to ensure each individual operates at their peak potential. This brings each individual personal success and of course, the organization as a whole. Knowing how to quickly and efficiently develop individuals, teams, systems, and processes creates a powerful and always successful manager. This is what “the right management training” means! A holistic set of skills, abilities and techniques that guarantee the success of all.






At THE TEAM-BUILDER LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE we offer our proprietary management training that is “the right management training”. We offer both online and onsite management training that quickly transforms individuals and organizations making both more profitable, productive, and efficient. Successful management is all about the skills! It is a sad fact that most of the managers in the workforce here never receive this type of training. The result is low productivity, high stress and marginal productivity and profitability! Let TLI transform your profitability and success by providing you with management training that will make your business the absolute best of its kind in Augusta, GA!


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