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 Does training work at all?

Training Sucks! Or at least that is how some people feel. Actually, they have a point if the training is not executed in a way that it is worth their time and money to attend! Many people go to training sessions and find they have fun. Unfortunately they realize a short time later that the information they were exposed to is gone…forgotten in a couple of days. Of course what they didn’t realize is that research shows they left the training room with only about 5% of the information to begin with.



If yAugusta Leadership Trainingou think about it, when you get 5% or less of the information to begin with and then you forget the information in days, the return on investment is most definitely lacking. It’s no wonder that many people think training like that is a waste of time. There are some people that say, “It’s a day off from work”. Most of us would rather take a day off somewhere else besides work. With leadership training it’s even harder to acquire and retain the information because the skills are conceptual and can only be mastered through practice and coaching.





Rote memory training doesn’t work well for conceptual skills. Conceptual skills and the solutions they offer require analysis of all the variables to ensure you get the result you’re after. Rote memory processes, step-1, step-2, step-3, are the same regardless of the variables and often do more harm than good when they are used as blanket solutions.



At the Team-builder Leadership Institute, our training whether in a classroom or our online courses, is designed to provide the coaching and practice that ensures you learn the concepts and can apply them in any environment. Developing conceptual skills is a process like learning to become a chef. Just about anyone can follow a recipe to prepare a dish. A chef however has mastered the concepts of flavors and the blending of foods and spices to create exotic tastes, textures and aesthetically tantalizing dishes. Powerful leaders develop the same way a master chef does. They learn the concepts, universal leadership skills, interpersonal communication and influence techniques and then through coaching and practice and experience learn to blend the skills based on the circumstances to produce the optimum results. Leaders are developed through immersion training not rote memory process training.

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Conceptual Learning Cycle


How developing people works

Having trained tens of thousands of people over the last three decades and knowing the distinction between training versus development is why all of our programs at the Team-builder Leadership Institute are designed to develop for long term and future participant success. Training as it’s usually called, or development (what it actually is if it’s going to work) has to be focused on future performance and the concepts that will allow the participant to continue to grow and discover new ways to use the skills and become even more effective.

Our programs are created to immerse the participant in the training and its value and benefit even before the training begins. True development must consist of:

  • Buy-in activities and information (build trust and attach company goals to individual goals)
  • Immersion development activities (provide multiple exposures and practice for concepts)
  • Consistent and cohesive follow up activities (provide needed additional skill solidifying practice)



Best training company Augusta GAWithout these three pieces, the training’s outcome will be marginal at best and totally ineffective at worst. When we develop ourselves or our employees, we are looking for the benefit of skills improvement. At the Team-builder Leadership Institute we do not provide training unless it is guaranteed to produce the results required and desired!








Entertainment in training

Many fads today focus on putting games in training and adding things the instructor deems fun, like hand held noise makers. The truth is we do learn better when we are happy and in good spirits. However, providing distractions doesn’t increase learning,  instead, it has the opposite effect. It’s like when your teacher let you watch a movie in school; you had a good time if you liked the movie but you didn’t learn any beneficial skills. Training has to be designed and executed so it is enlightening, it shows possibilities and discovery. It provides solutions to real problems and it promises to make your efforts easier and more effective. Games and entertainment are just distractions. Training time is meant to be beneficial and it isn’t when it’s wasted with entertainment instead of enlightenment!


[su_icon_text color=”#0d0505″ icon=”icon: key” icon_color=”#120ec5″ icon_size=”40″]When developing someone you want the picture and other tools you use to enhance the acquisition of the information you are providing. The discussion and focus must center on the concepts and priorities to be imparted to the participant. In essence you are coaching and it must build trust and show tangible results to keep engagement and appreciation for the information.[/su_icon_text]


When you need skills development for yourself or your staff, don’t waste your time with fads touted to be fun. The fun comes when work is easier with less conflict, more cohesion and greater productivity! At the Team-builder Leadership Institute we provide results. We are personnel developers. All of our courses engage, educate participants and are enjoyable, However, we focus on what matters, adding new skills and making your results and life easier; more of what you want it to be!

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