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When we discover we need leadership and professional skills training

Best leadership training augusta ga

Leader behaving badly–Time for leadership and professional skills!

All companies at some point in their growth cycle realize that in order to move to a higher level of success they must provide their leaders the skills to build and support highly cohesive, harmonious and high performance teams! Not only providing them skills for the team’s benefit but for each individual’s benefit as well. The more skills and effective structure provided, the higher level of performance and results achieved throughout the organization!





Best professional skills training augusta ga

I’m ready for the skills that will make me a great leader!

At the Team-builder Leadership Institute our leadership training transforms participants through immersion and multiple exposures. It leads the participant through intense development from the very beginning of developing leadership skills all the way to becoming a master of influence, interpersonal communications and the proven universal leadership skills that create extraordinarily successful organizational leaders. Participants create a work environment that is highly productive, conflict free, cohesive, and harmonious.

The operational environment is transformed into an operational standard that allows the individuals on the team to share the activities and behaviors with the leader that creates super powerful and committed teams.

It’s leadership training that truly transforms the individuals and the organization itself, creating a standard of performance rarely achieved in any organization! In our book, “Why Try To Make Them Do It When You Can Make Them Want To” we share the path to developing the standard throughout the organization by developing individual leaders.

At TLI we develop leaders into catalysts that channel each individual’s efforts into a single stream of powerful productivity. Along with that we transform those leaders into master coaches as well. It is through effective coaching that employees are transformed into powerful leaders! It is through coaching that average employees are transformed into powerhouses of performance! It is positive and effective coaching that strips away the limiting beliefs in people and shows them how to passionately pursue their dreams! Effective coaching is what jump starts that metamorphosis for individuals from, “who am I?” to “I am the master of my destiny”!


Finding the best leadership and professional training


Leadership training Augusta GA

Individuals working in organizations want the leadership and professional skills that create success as well! We all know that people want to be happy, be good at achieving results and want to work in an environment that feels good, challenges and rewards them. Sometimes the hardest part is determining what professional skills training will make their work and personal life enjoyable, productive and rewarding! At the Team-builder Leadership Institute these are the exact leadership and professional skills our training programs specialize in. We provide the skills that transform an individual from decent or even a good leader to a great leader! These are skills that transform an individual, not just the specific and professional skills that make an individual a good communicator, but rather transform them into a great communicator! The professional and interpersonal skills that teach individuals to become catalysts for their teams, able to channel each individual’s efforts into a single stream of high performance productivity!


Being truly skilled at leadership is knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it to elicit the result you need at the moment! It’s about knowing yourself and other people on a basic human behavior level. It’s about helping yourself and others rewrite old negative scripts (toxic beliefs) they operate through and replacing them with scripts that produce the results and achieve the goals that you are after!


Our leadership and professional skills training programs

Leadership training company Augusta ga

TLI’s training programs and portal

TLI’s programs provide you with the proven universal leadership, interpersonal and professional skills that will make you a leadership and performance TITAN! You will know how to lead any individual and teams effortlessly to any set of goals and achieve any results! You will be able to do this with no conflict or confrontation. In fact, you will build self-managed work teams who monitor and lead themselves only needing you for direction and support!



Best training company Augusta GA

TLI provides leadership skills and professional skills that transform individuals and organizations quickly building a workplace culture of commitment, cohesion and high performance! These are leadership skills that will create a work culture in your company or unit you will want to share with other locations and organizational units everywhere. You will stand out from the pack as a beacon of productivity and cohesive performance. With our programs you will not only become the most powerful leaders you have ever imagined; you will also build a work culture of effortless support, deep interpersonal commitment and phenomenal achievement—guaranteed!!






Professional skills training

It’s not only what we teach at Team-builder Leadership Institute, it’s how we teach it that makes the difference! Our training:

  • Linear-foundational to advanced
  • Immersion-multiple exposures
  • Continuous real world practice
  • Demonstration and development
  • Mentor based
  • Complete cohesive concepts
  • Convenient with no work time loss
  • Skills acquisition verification
  • Become certified



Best change management and developmentOthers provide you with disconnected pieces of information that work as band-aids when facing certain challenges. At Team-builder Leadership Institute we provide you the proven Universal leadership, interpersonal and professional skills that all research demonstrates are the key to leading any group to any goals without conflict or apathy! We don’t just train people, we develop them so they transform-as does their performance and abilities! They are not the same individual after participation in our development training but rather a person able to create, organize, and achieve goals easily and efficiently. They become confident, assertive, magnetic and inspirational. Our programs are lifelong realignment skills. That is professional skills and leadership skills that transform the participant into an extremely powerful communicator, leader and person as a whole!


Why seek training when transformation for life is what you want and need to get what you want out of work and life! People are the key, give them and the organization the power to perform and become the best in their industry! With our programs, professionals learn to:

  • Build cohesion in any team, even formerly chaotic teams
  • Easily remove resistance and resentment in people
  • Create a positive and cohesive work environment
  • Develop a team whose members are committed to one another
  • Learn to develop individuals easily, effectively, and quickly to peak performance
  • Learn to delegate for awesome results every time
  • Be able to communicate confidently to generate cooperation, harmony and success
  • Create interdepartmental cooperation and harmony
  • Know how to use language and recognition to motivate, inspire and activate positive behaviors


Best leadership training development program

Focused, cohesive, and committed work environment,

Challenge yourself and your organization to reach for peak performance. Why try to get better when for the same amount of effort you can become the best leader and professional in your industry and business? Why strive to be good when you can be the best? It’s not about the training it’s about the transformation! Isn’t that really what you are looking for after all? If you purchase training as a company or as an individual for yourself, aren’t you looking for the best results, for the least monetary investment in the shortest amount of time? We have the training that will develop and transform you and your organization if you have the determination and commitment to your future! Get started transforming your work environment and your life today!



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