Anthony Roberts – Leadership and Management Trainer, Consultant and Coach

leadership and workplace developmentAnthony Roberts (Tony) is a nationally renowned author, speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in leadership, communication and culture creation. Anthony has helped organizations around the country overcome and eliminate poor performance, low morale, waning profit and toxic work environments. In addition, he has created performance onboarding, leadership succession, and employee performance and career development programs stabilizing and strengthening forward thinking organizations and management teams.

Tony has developed and created his own leadership style and system (Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) Leadership Standard and Style), that is the subject of his best-selling book: “Why Try to Make Them Do It When You Can Make Them Want to?” He specializes in the creation of templates and standards within an organization, making it easy for the management team to teach, create processes, be flexible and responsive to industry and environmental factors and create and maintain and solid leadership and management base along with committed employees.

Tony developed and mastered his leadership, training and coaching skills beginning with his first leadership role at the age of 17. Having always been an avid learner and competitive spirit, Tony sought out information and education as he advanced through the corporate ranks. After receiving his Masters of Management with a concentration in leadership and organizational effectiveness, he went back to his early career roots and began training around the country sharing his acquired knowledge and education. Enjoying great success, he created the Team-builder Leadership Institute and began offering some of his courses online. Having just completed his latest book, “A Journey of Purpose”, Tony has begun to focus on helping organizations to design and build their internal culture for high performance and guaranteed success.

Tony has turned his focus to helping here at home in the CSRA after many years of travelling and sharing around the country.



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